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Shop-ish introduction episode, in this episode, for the first time, we are introducing the cast and key players of the reality series.
Amsterdam (Shop Owner) decides to have an honoring event around the passing of a famous rapper Pop-Smoke, with lots of invited guests, including the mother of Pop-smoke to be able to give people a deeper understanding of her son as an artist, philanthropist, and good friend to many.
It’s Stack’s birthday, so the team wants to plan a surprise party they come up with throwing a stripper party for him while planning the party, a random customer suggests having a male stripper also for the ladies, and Kyle suggests himself.
Unknown to the rest of the staff, “Stacks” has started seeing a new girl, and they have been getting pretty serious so she decides to surprise him at work at the same time the strippers are all over him. “Kyle” who has been in a long-term relationship, also gets a surprise from his girlfriend at the same time he begins to perform, it’s a total WTF moment for both guys as well as the staff. All of Amsterdam’s plans for a great event fail in what Amsterdam likes to call “A Murphy’s Law moment”.

Job (Justin Dinkins) is a God fearing man. He has everything in life that a person could desire – a new record deal, a beautiful fiancee, and even a new baby on the way. Angry at Job’s success, Lucifer (Corey Pierson) approaches God (Mims) with a friendly wager to test Job’s faith. Will Job be able to sustain the temptations thrown to disrupt his life or will his faith in God prevail.


When a cigarette kingpin is questioned for the murder of his partner in crime, detectives learn the truth behind the rise of New York’s underground tobacco game and the deceit among its biggest players. This title carries a parental advisory. Darrell Smith directed this film executive produced by Hodges Kyron with music by C4/N10SS Music Inc.


OG Hak (Hakeem Johnson) returns in this second installment of the hit urban film “”Sex, Money and You Already Know,”” to continue his powerful reign over the streets of Newark. Just as the Murda hommies are cherishing a time of peace and prosperity, Hak comes back home to witness a tragedy that sets him over the edge! As their empire is threatened from all sides, Hak is forces to use any means necessary to show the streets who’s boss. Loyalties will be tested, bonds will be broken and no one will be protected from the wrath and vengeance of Newark’s most notorious Blood gang leader. With his enemies closing in, OG HAK’s only answer for redemption is an all out WAR! The streets will bleed RED in this action-packed urban thriller where not even Hak can expect what comes next! Based on the novel by Hykine Johnson, this sequel solidifies OG Hak and Sex, Money, Murda as a force to be reckoned with!


O.G. Hakeem Johnson, aka Nat Turner is the leader of the Notorious Street Blood Gang “”Sex, Money & Murda””…after a robbery gone bad, Hak ends up in handcuffs, & his best friend Ike ends up fleeing Newark, NJ off to military school in hopes of escaping the struggles of street life. After a short bid in prison, Hak comes home on a mission to rule the streets of Newark. Ike on the other hand, has plans to graduate from Military School and become a police officer.

Laugh n Tell is a Valentine’s Day stand up comedy show hosted by the late, great Rasheed Thurmond. Other well known comedians such as Smokey, Roberto Vanderbooth, and Mike Bonner from BETS’s Comic View, Razor from Bad Boys of Comedy and Drew Frazier of Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam round off Cupid’s gang of comedians.


The ultimate crackhead movie and the first of its kind. We have located some of the most amusing crackheads in all the 5 boroughs of New York City. If you have never seen a crack head on the streets this is the movie for you.


Crack Headz gone wild New York Vol 2 “The Subway Series” you will see real crack heads, no actors. No Skits or scripts. A real-life comedy about drug awareness, the subway series is crazier than ever with crack heads all doing crack head things.

The original ultimate crackhead experience continues… This time Hood Network News brings to you the raw streets of Miami’s Made County! We thought Florida was the “Sunshine State”, but boy… were we in for a rude awakening.

Crackheads Gone Wild Vol 4 “Rock & Roll” The Ultimate crackhead experience continues. This time we went on a tour, of the East coast to bring you the funniest crack moments. Watch Hungry Jac get his eat on, Crackvader uses his force to move the crowd & Princess Slayer gets Buck Nasty in the ATL.


The ultimate crackhead experience continues with a compilation of all our funniest moments if you missed our bestselling first 4 volumes, here is your chance to see Looney Lucy, Red The Rapper, Kung Fu Crack Alicia Kilos, and more, all stuffed in one pipe!

Crackheads Brownsville, the Hip-Hop Bricks. This film shines a light on New York city’s largest assortment of housing projects and a few of the people who call it home. On location in the streets of Brooklyn This documentary was written, produced and directed by ex-convict, Kenneth Big Shu Williams and focuses on the Comical subject known to the streets of Brownsville as, Retro on the let go, aka ILL DaDa, a gulf war veteran who’s now homeless and fighting drug addiction.

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, 2022 – 2022


Newest Episode: S1 E1

Amsterdam Ink presents Shop-ish, an entertaining show that follows the ups and downs of running a successful tattoo business in the heart of Brooklyn New York. The drama-filled days are tempered with humor, as well as lots of hustle! A lot happens within this new reality series from Kiagni Streaming. Behind closed doors look into one man’s dream – owning his own shop; trying to balance work-life alongside personal time management when there isn’t always enough hours in a day or mind space available for both endeavors.; dealing with difficult clients who span all ages, keeping a tight running ship with the staff, and what it takes to keep the doors open. This is a true reality series based on heart and hustle.