Shop-ish introduction episode, in this episode, for the first time, we are introducing the cast and key players of the reality series.
Amsterdam (Shop Owner) decides to have an honoring event around the passing of a famous rapper Pop-Smoke, with lots of invited guests, including the mother of Pop-smoke to be able to give people a deeper understanding of her son as an artist, philanthropist, and good friend to many.
It’s Stack's birthday, so the team wants to plan a surprise party they come up with throwing a stripper party for him while planning the party, a random customer suggests having a male stripper also for the ladies, and Kyle suggests himself.
Unknown to the rest of the staff, "Stacks" has started seeing a new girl, and they have been getting pretty serious so she decides to surprise him at work at the same time the strippers are all over him. "Kyle" who has been in a long-term relationship, also gets a surprise from his girlfriend at the same time he begins to perform, it’s a total WTF moment for both guys as well as the staff. All of Amsterdam's plans for a great event fail in what Amsterdam likes to call "A Murphy’s Law moment".

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