Sex Money You Already Know 2

20121hr 39minsR, , ,

OG Hak (Hakeem Johnson) returns in this second installment of the hit urban film “”Sex, Money and You Already Know,”” to continue his powerful reign over the streets of Newark. Just as the Murda hommies are cherishing a time of peace and prosperity, Hak comes back home to witness a tragedy that sets him over the edge! As their empire is threatened from all sides, Hak is forces to use any means necessary to show the streets who’s boss. Loyalties will be tested, bonds will be broken and no one will be protected from the wrath and vengeance of Newark’s most notorious Blood gang leader. With his enemies closing in, OG HAK’s only answer for redemption is an all out WAR! The streets will bleed RED in this action-packed urban thriller where not even Hak can expect what comes next! Based on the novel by Hykine Johnson, this sequel solidifies OG Hak and Sex, Money, Murda as a force to be reckoned with!